Solo Piano albums are truly great but they're EVERYWHERE, right?! How many common chord progressions, patterns and re-made cover songs can you listen to before you feel like you are hearing the SAME THING from every talented pianist?!!!

Discover this NEW PIANO FLAVOR as an entire orchestra (wrapped up in those pure, timeless, dreamy tones we all know and love!) moves you to new levels of excitement, love, confidence, faith, relaxation and... INSPIRATION! 

20 YEARS in the making, 'Inspire ME' carries deeply embedded in each song all of the love, anger, happiness, embarrassment heartbreak, hope, excitement, sadness, regret and joy I felt as a confused teenager, busy student, overjoyed husband & father, and everything in between. See if you can hear that feeling and emotion (or your own!) as you sit back and enjoy! Music in all of it's varieties brings people together, and this music has brought my family together on several occasions. It is my hope that this music will brighten your life and INSPIRE you to greater heights! Each song has been carefully crafted and re-crafted for YOU and your enjoyment, an experience I KNOW you will enjoy! Though 'Key of B' is probably my favorite of the bunch and should be placed in the #1 position on the album, life has taught me that EVERYTHING should begin and end with "Faith," so I felt that was very fitting!

Due to the varying styles of each song, 'Inspire ME' is actually the PERFECT GIFT for people (AND pets!) of every age (EVEN teenagers, too!). Several scientific studies have shown a dramatic increase in brain activity and learning when babies listen to this style of music. Multiple people have reported back to me saying that they find a greater ability to concentrate while studying or working. Listen at home, in the car, at school or the office! This music is perfect in the background while studying, sleeping, exercising, driving, on outings, in nature, doing household chores, and everywhere else! 

This world is FULL of all kinds of anger, hatred and malice. You deserve to treat yourself to INSPIRATION everywhere in your life, so take it with you everywhere you go! Please share with others if you like it, and PLEASE find my Facebook page and reach out to me and let me know WHICH song is your favorite and WHY!

Choose today to be INSPIRED, and then prepare for Piano Music like you've NEVER experienced before!!!

Inspire ME (Digital Album)


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