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Featuring Music By:  Matt English

Welcome home! This site was made just for YOU. Inspire ME is a place to gather, create, share, and INSPIRE! We are a community of fans and supporters who have come together to share our passion in an incredible environment. If you care as much as we do and want to show your support, come and join us!

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If you want a digital copy of the album that you can download right now and keep and listen to FOREVER, click the button above that says 'Get Album' and proceed to the site you like most! (CD Baby gives me the greatest return!)

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A Bit About Matt...

Having been born into a HUGE family of incredibly talented musicians, I first began creating music almost 30 years ago when I taught myself to play the piano.  (Though, unfortunately, I've still never had the patience to sit down long enough to learn how to read music...)

I have always had a DEEP passion for all kinds of music.  Like the main character in the major motion picture, August Rush, I have always heard entire symphonies in my head as I would create music.  As a young child, I would often spend my time alone deconstructing each and every part of the Classical or Pop music I would listen to in order to figure out how each "puzzle" was put together.  In doing that, I discovered an entire WORLD of patterns and combinations that every musician seemed to collectively use!  It wasn't the language of "music"; it was the language of EMOTION through telling stories!

While in high school, music was often my "escape."  While my friends spent their time playing basketball and other sports, most often you could find me in a quiet room somewhere discovering chords and patterns and creating much of the music featured in this album.  By the time I was a Senior in high school, my love for the piano and creating music was SO INTENSE, I would most often come home from school and spend as much as 3 or 4 hours playing, or until one of my parents would remind me it was time for bed.

When I couldn't get a record label to notice me or my music, I chose the next best option.  I studied Audio Engineering, Film Score Composition and Film Production in college, where I learned from some of the BEST in the industry! 

I have written and recorded more than 200 music pieces, which I plan to release to the world throughout this next coming year! 

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